Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Important letter from Scott in LaBelle

Mary: I saw tonight on the news, that you are getting a lot of coverage. I think that's great and hopefully it will help you. I know in our short conversation earlier today, you mentioned the word attorney and I am sure that your group will probably retain an attorney for legal advice and representation at meetings, etc. I would like to find a GOOD attorney for our cause also and I don't know of any local attorneys here that I would like to use. Do you have any recommendations of someone we could contact to help us. We want someone, like you, that is good in real estate issues and is sympathetic to a cause such as ours.

Please e-mail me or call me with any recommendations.

ps. I got an e-mail today from Dan Trescott at the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council who said that today he got a phone call from someone at Dept of Community Affairs who is now going to look into our issue. They weren't going to do anything until we contacted the Attorney General's Office.


Scott Wegscheid