Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Letter from Mayor Eric P. Feichthaler

Dear Ms. Levy,

Thank you for your message. Congratulations on your new condominium. We all recognize the need for schools, and there are many advantages to the Golf club location. However, hundreds of residents in this area, including yourself, will be impacted by such a school. Considering the historical significance of the course, and the lack of recreational green space in Cape Coral, I believe the schools should be located elsewehere. I hope the seller can attract a buyer that will continue to operate the course as is, possibly allowing a resort hotel to be located there.

Please attend the town hall meetings that will be scheduled on this matter. Enjoy your new condominium, and we will work to see the residents are protected.


Eric P. Feichthaler
City of Cape Coral
(239) 574-0440