Monday, June 27, 2005

Letter to the Mayor & City Council Members

To the Mayor and the entire city council members:

We want to express our outrage at the idea that the Golf Club on PalmTree
Blvd. is even considering selling to the Lee County School System. We
purchased our home on this golf course 15 years ago and the only reason we did was
because we wanted to be on a gulf course with a beautiful view and no
neighbors to look at in our backyard. I have spoken to numerous neighbors and we all
share the same feelings. We will do everything in our power to stop this golf
course from being sold and converted into anything but another gulf
course. We will all fight with every possible means to stop this from happening. We have
our life savings invested in our property and want to remain here for the
rest of our lives. The last thing I want to look at in my backyard is chainlink
fences and a bunch of screaming kids. If the golf course were rezoned and
schools were built the value of my property would drop at least $100,000 to
$150,000 for sure. We elected our mayor and city council to protect our rights and
our property. Please fulfil your duty and stop this possible sale and refuse
to rezone this golf course to any other use except a golf course. If we
continue to turn our green land into buildings and cement parking lots this entire
city will be under water if we get a #1 hurricane. We are prepared to file a class
action suit against the Golf Club and anyone else that assists them in
selling this property and turn it into anything but a golf course. If they can
be allowed to do this to us what is next ?? You must stop this from happening !!!

Richard Allen and Ronald Giermann
3934 SE 9th Court
Cape Coral, Fl 33904