Tuesday, June 28, 2005

News Press Mailbag article by Fort Myers resident

" One Man's trash
I can understand the anger , frustration and apprehension of the condo owners in Cape Coral who are upset over the pending sale of their golf course view to the Lee County school board. Since I never think like the majority, I would like to offer another view. My nephew lives in an upscale community in Arizona that has an elementary school on the grounds. The neighborhood surrounds the school and is beautifully landscaped. Residents in the community have their children on a wait list to attend the school before they are born. One of the major selling points in the community is the proximity to the schools. Perhaps Dr. Browder is a visionary who will work closely with the developers to ensure that the landscape blends with the homes and the view is aesthetically pleasing aas well as functional. For every seller there is a buyer and what is not valuable to one person may be priceless to another." SHERRY SNOWDEN Fort Myers