Monday, July 04, 2005


If you weren't able to attend the meeting Thursday night, we collected email & home addresses. If you would like to be included in a broadcast email (strictly for savethegolfcourse) email me and I will enter it in the data base. Please email with subject: ADD MY EMAIL so I can get through them quickly. Thank you. Mary


I am waiting for the date & time of a special council meeting to be scheduled covering this issue. I will post to the site ASAP. Until then, here is the info on the next regular city council meeting.

Location: CITY HALL

Date: Monday, JULY 18, 2005

Time: 5:00 PM

Letter from Keith Thornton

Dear Mary and Concerned Citizens,

It's with the deepest respect for the Palm Tree, Wildwood and Country Club communities in which I submit this suggestion for future use of our beloved Club acreage.
Because the Cape is such an expansive urban sprawl, it sometimes experiences difficulty distinguishing itself within the character and prestige department. Few will disagree, the general area which The Club encompasses is arguably the only long standing exception in regards to the City's character and prestige deficiencies. Being held in such high esteem, there is a duty by all with a vested interest to preserve The Club or more accurately, the historic soil which now occupies The Club. With this sheer opportunity in the forefront, allow me to think outside of the box and share what I envision as the future of this storied SE community while preserving The Clubs present landscape aesthetics in addition to property values.
Can anyone say The Naples Philharmonic?, or better yet, The Cape Coral Philharmonic Estates nestled in Historic Southeast Cape Coral. Wow! it still gives me goosebumps saying it. And the clubhouse, how about opening the back (East) side to an attached Amphitheater with permanent lawn seating. Talk about character! Now of course, plenty will have to be done by way of landscaping and security to ensure the neighborhood is maintained to at least its present level, but I'm sure Naples found a way to secure its surrounding neighborhoods in its likewise situation.
The rest of the present grounds can be transformed into an upscale park equipped with fountains, hedge works, designer gazebos, decorative lighting with speakers and monitors to further catch classical music and the live performances within the adjacent Amphitheater. Cobblestone walkways with iron gates leading to backyards of neighboring homes should be incorporated in the landscaping if the homeowner desires. Of course the aesthetics would have to be agreed upon by the community and property owner. It would be great if the City could afford such a venture and I'm sure you would agree the benefits are endless. What's also great is the rolling hills of the golf course can generally be maintained.
I would also suspect the Naples Philharmonic would love to partnership with the Cape Coral Phil. while better serving Southwest Florida's theatrical needs.
Please consider my suggestion and please share with your readership, in any event, the future of The Club should be replaced with a facility worthy of a first rate city and community second to none.

Truly Yours,
Keith Thornton

Letter from Ken & Chris DeCant

The land behind us was zoned park and recreation until about two years ago. Now there is a four story condominium behind us. We did protest but our protesting was for naught. Now you are in the same battle.
When I went to the council meeting I was basically dismissed before I even had an opportunity to speak, this after taking the morning off of work to be heard. My husband and I did not have the backing of so many, because few houses would be affected by what happened to us.
Perhaps your fight will be successful, but where money is concerned, what benefits the city and the corporate world will prevail.

Your battle is just beginning, ours was short lived and over.
Ken & Chris DeCant