Monday, October 21, 2013

Candidate Richard Leon's thoughts on The Golf Course Property

What is your vision for former Golf Club property?

Hello Mary,

I recently got a chance to walk the remains of the old country club and I couldn't help but close my eyes and recall how beautiful the property used to be. I remember practicing on the tennis courts, getting ready to try out for the tennis team in school. Looking at the property now, it is hard to imagine that ever existed.   Today we have a chance to return one of the historically rich areas in Cape Coral back to life. Back to a revered championship course. A course that can have the full amenities attracting people from all over the world to stay right here in Cape Coral.  An area that would represent the city at its best. It is my hope in the months to come that the city of Cape Coral will be able to work with the private business that owns the land to help see this come to light.

Thank you,


RICHARD LEON  Candidate  City Council District 4

Candidate Jim Burch's thoughts on The Golf Course Property

What is your vision for former Golf Club property?


"My position on the Golf Club property has never waivered. I support reestablishing the Championship Golf Course that has so much history and became such an integral part of the fabric of our Cape Coral society. Many of you remember playing the clay tennis courts, participating in weddings and parties that many of our families had. Some may even remember watching Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw battle it out for the NCAA Golf Championship, right here on our course. There are many good reasons for this course to return. A course with a hotel/convention center with a public/private partnership possible should be the first goal so that after resurrection, the course is sustainable. There are many key partners that have been standing in wait to bring the course back and, thereby, extend the reach of the CRA so that the Downtown can also benefit and thrive. This Course is not just a Golf Course. It is a symbol of all that is good in the Cape, a beacon of hope, that values and history mean something and an economic engine to Move This City Forward. We must be vigilant and patient, but we must also engage the owners at the proper time and communicate our desires and plans so that we do not lose the opportunity that has, miraculously, come before us once again. It was a long process from 2009 when we went to court with them and I, well remember, giving testimony for this successful effort. It has been too long for Banyon Trace and the adjoining owners that were left in the lurch with broken promises. Help me, help you restore the order and bring our heritage back."


JIM BURCH  Candidate for City Council District 1