Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ryan Developments


I have attached a letter that was provided to Council as a notice of Ryan Developments intentions regarding the Golf Club Parcel. The letter states that they have entered into an agreement with a "Letter of Intent" from a National home builder, not yet identified.
It is with great sadness that I report that development. If it is accurate, typically, there would still remain a meticulous process of "due diligence" on behalf of the prospective buyer. I would hope that any prospective purchaser would understand that the property is designated "open space" in it's land use and would be willing to restore the historical and economical benefits that this property have yielded over the last 40 (plus) years. I remain hopeful that this City Council understands that this parcel and it's restoration as a Championship Golf Course along with a hotel and/or convention center is the single most fragile and important item in this City. There are no other parcels or areas of this City that should be given consideration above this property. As we both know, there are now and have been avenues to realize this goal, the Trust for Public Land being a very obvious one that has stood ready to make this happen for 6 years. If a buyer comes forward and is successful in purchasing this parcel, I am hopeful they understand the historical significance, the compatibility with our Comprehensive Plan, the economic benefits of the Golf Course as an engine for our CRA downtown district along with many other considerations as well. I would also hope that they see the passion of the residents of Cape Coral and the surrounding property owners that want nothing more than a restoration of this valuable asset to our community so that we may, once again, enjoy golf and perhaps tennis along with the many social events that defined the venue for so many years. I, of course, stand ready to do all that I can as a resident of this great City to insure that this parcel remains what the Founding Fathers envisioned. I remain hopeful that one day we will "tee it up" once again and welcome visitors to a resort type destination that will facilitate the revitalization of our Downtown area. Thanks to all that have been steadfast in their determination to restore and utilize this parcel in the way that it was built and in the way that it was intended in perpetuity, in my opinion.
Jim Burch
Concerned Citizen

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Meeting of the golf course held on Saturday May 3rd

Council member Leon addressed the grass issue.  The owners have until May 15th to cut the perimeter or they will be fined.  Richard Leon asked that if you see someone mowing, to please email him.  He will keep an eye on the progress too.

Council For Progress executive director, Joe Mazurkiewicz gave a report on the team tasked to find  solutions for the 175+ acres.  The team consists of local business leaders and members of the Council for Progress.

  • 3 Swedish investors are interested in the property & in talks with the owners.
  • Of the 3, 2 are Pro Golfers, 1 is Pro Hockey
  • A viable option to support an 18 hole golf course could be a country club type building with banquet facilities (similar to the old Golf Club building) and a 55+ living center.  In order for the layout to work, the center would need to be a vertical structure of 6 stories.  The space across Palm Tree could be used for additional parking for the club and hall.
There is nothing concrete & negotiations are on going.  The Council For Progress was given 90 days by the city to come back with their findings.  Joe expects to give his report to council at a Monday night council meeting before the mayor & council leave for their summer hiatus.   The last meeting before hiatus will be Monday, June 16th. 

Monday, April 21, 2014


Golf Club
 Compliments of Dr Fleischner

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American Brokers Realty Group
2323 Del Prado Blvd S (next to JP Sports)

Friday, April 18, 2014


Ibis & Golfers Former Cape Coral Golf Club
 Courtesy of Dr Fleischner

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American Brokers Realty Group
2323 Del Prado Blvd S (next to JP Sports)

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Former Cape Coral Golf Club
Courtesy of Dr Fleischner

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American Brokers Realty Group
2323 Del Prado Blvd S (next to JP Sports)

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Buy golf course

News Press Letter to the editor- April 3, 2014

I remember Arnold Kempe, a visionary mayor years ago who knew that only growth should pay for growth. He saw that Cape Coral had two strikes against it. One being its size, the second largest city in square miles in Florida. The other, the Cape’s being poorly preplatted.

When a resident wanted to build on the perimeter of the city for privacy, the city was obligated to put in roads, utilities and the like. Not a recipe to help the city’s budget.

However, this city will max out. It has too many pluses, canals, weather, prices, etc.

Now, offer $5 million for the golf course property, a fair price considering the market value. If the owners won’t take it, walk away. Utilize eminent domain. If the offer is accepted, figure a way to get the money. You managed to pay $13 million and buy vacant land in the north. This property is, of course, now off the tax rolls. How did you find that $13 million?

A golf course may cost more to get it up and running, but will be cost effective in the near future. We owe it to the residents surrounding this valuable land to get what they paid for and improve the quality of life for our future citizens and businesses.

The zoning must never be altered. Parks and recreation is what it should remain. The only exception would be 2 or 3 acres for a hotel.

John and Dee Klockow, Cape Coral

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Courtesy of Barbara Butler

Golfers at the Banyan Tree

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American Brokers Realty Group
2323 Del Prado Blvd S (next to JP Sports)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014



Good evening!

Recently a volunteer stopped by my homestead at 4602 Country Club Blvd. (South end of the golf course) for a signature on a petition, unfortunately I was not home at the time, however an informational flyer was left at my house. If a signature is still required for saving the Golf course please let me know via email and I will sign it.

After visiting the website it appeared I was not able to sign up for notifications as I am not affiliated with any of the servers (yahoo etc) if there is any way you can add my email address to the notification list I would appreciate it.

Incidentally, I also own the Hideaway Waterfront Resort at the intersection of SE 5th Ave. and Country Club Blvd. (formally the Fairway Motel back in the 70s as it was adjacent to the golf course). Even this last week we had several Guests that for many years going back to the 70s used to enjoy the use of the golf course and would like it to re-open. We are most likely one of a very few commercial properties near the golf course with a vested interest in its future.

Please accept my thanks in advance for your volunteer hours on this project as I have done this in the past with community groups and am aware of the hours in can entail. Please do not hesitate to call me directly if you need volunteer help (although it is quite busy until after Easter).


Mark & Linda Murnane

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Photographs compliments of Barbara Butler. 

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American Brokers Realty Group
2323 Del Prado Blvd S (next to JP Sports)


 These photos are compliments of Barbara Butler


Today, over 20 volunteers from the Banyan Trace community took to the streets to talk with our friends and neighbors around the Country Club/Wildwood/Palm Tree area.  Feedback has been marvelous.  We have added many new members to the Save The Golf Course group today.  If a volunteer missed you, please email me so I can add your email to our list.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014


Please continue to email me your photos of the course or event at the clubhouse.

The Golf Club 

Banyan Tree at The Golf Club



What: March Meeting

The Golf Club Property

Hampton Inn in Downtown Cape Coral
619 SE 47th Terrace

When: FRIDAY, 14, 2014

At last Monday’s (March 3rd) City Council meeting I made an offer to the Council to see if the CFP would be willing to entertain looking at a private/public partnership to see if the Golf Club property could be successfully redeveloped with the inclusion of an 18 hole golf course.  The Council voted unanimously to allow us time to consider our involvement in the project.
At our meeting this Friday we will be presented with possible development scenarios, possible partners, and possible funding sources.  Council Member Birch, Dana Brunett, City EDO Director and Joe Mazurkiewicz, CFP Executive Director will lead the discussion with input from other informed members and community stakeholders. Once all the possibilities are laid out the CFP members will vote to assist the city in saving this very unique parcel and making it the center piece of Southeast Cape Coral.  Please join us for this very important discussion. 
I believe this is a high risk, high reward proposition.  If we were to get involved and be successful it will give the CFP an immense amount of credibility. 

We will also have our monthly update on EDO activity from Dana Brunett.

Networking is from 7:00-7:30 and the meeting will begin promptly at 7:30am.

Free to Council for Progress members

$15.00 for Non-Members


Golf Course Update

1.      This is a historic piece of property in Cape Coral and it was one of the centerpieces of the Cape Coral from its inception.

2.      It is the last significant piece of green space in Southeast Cape Coral.

3.      The current property has a land use designation of parks and recreation which protects its current green space status if not changed. 

4.      The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) 2009 amendment when it added the golf course and surrounding property to the CRA stated a key purpose for the adding the golf course was to allow “redevelopment back to a viable course.”

5.      Restoring the golf course (or similar desirable green space development) will increase property values significantly.

6.      With the way the CRA works this increase in property values will lead to increased tax revenues for the City.

7.      It is vital to make any decision only after looking at all the alternatives, gathering data on all possible funding sources, and then finding a way to restore it in order to keep this a special part of Cape Coral that will be a destination for people to visit.

8.      On Friday March 14 the Council for Progress (CFP), with the support of the Cape Coral City Council, agreed to try to find an option to address the golf course that could lead to restoring it as a golf course.  They will be engaged in this process for 90 days.  The CFP is non-profit organization made up of community business leaders dedicated to the economic development of Cape Coral. The CFP assists the City under a Memorandum of Understanding entered into with the City in February 2014.

What can you do?

- Keep informed at, Banyan Blog ( or give us your email to forward updates

-Contact the city council – email: or P.O. Box 150027
Cape Coral, FL 33915 - 0027