Monday, November 05, 2007

Compliance deadline today for Golf Club owners

By Matt Conn
Originally posted on November 05, 2007

After being found guilty of violating the city’s overgrowth ordinance at a city hearing Oct. 18, the owners of The Golf Club must comply by today.

Frank Cassidy, code compliance division manager, said today is the last day Florida Gulf Venture has to clean up the growth on the former golf course, and officers will check tomorrow to see if it complied.

If it hasn’t complied, Florida Gulf Venture will be assessed a $75 fine each day until it does comply.

Several residents said they had seen workers out cutting some of the growth in the last few weeks.

“They’ve been out cleaning it up,” said Mirtha Lara, who moved to Banyan Trace, the nearby development, 2 1/2 years ago after living in Coral Gables for 40 years.

Lara said she actually liked to see the wildlife in the growth, but friend and fellow Banyan Trace resident Irene Snyder said was the exact opposite and hoped to see the land kept neatly trimmed.