Saturday, December 17, 2016

Subject: Paradise Lost? The golf course

Dear Mayor and City Council Members,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to make appointments to speak to Council Members after the holidays. This letter will serve to give you knowledge of where I stand on this issue so our future conversations will be productive. I would appreciate it if you also send a brief email to me, summarizing your views on this situation. I recently spoke to a gentleman named Steve Chupnck at a Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife Meeting. He told me how hardworking and dedicated you all are to your mission and said that he thought you would be happy to set aside time to see me.

Discovering and experiencing "The Golf Club"  has been one of my good fortunes and greatest joys since moving to Cape Coral in October of 2015. Believe it-this area is already a diverse, thriving wildlife ready-made preserve. In the span of ten short years Nature has taken over and handed the citizens of Cape Coral a jewel. As an active Birder, Butterfly Enthusiast and Environmentalist and one who exercises regularly, I quickly realized the value of these 175 acres. This jewel is priceless and I would like to explain why it is worth throwing a life ring to it before it drowns.

My husband Russ and I visited friends who had moved to Cape Coral back in the late 1990s. As avid boaters, we were immediately enthralled by the notion that for a fraction of the cost of waterfront property on Long Island, N.Y. we could have a beautiful home on the water with our boat (ready to jump into) right in our backyard. We vacationed here a few times since then and fell in love, vowing to move here after our retirements. So we did. We have been getting to know our beautiful City over the past year. Neighbors mentioned that they enjoyed walking and bicycling on the Golf Course property. We walked through once and were smitten. Having investigated several of the parks in Cape Coral, we quickly realized there was nothing like it. Cape Coral, as a primarily residential community has not included a true wildlife preserve into its plan. (with the exception of Four Mile Cove and the Rotary Park).

We are developing several ideas regarding how the property can be designed to meet the recreational, educational and health needs of the people of Cape Coral, including several for funding sources. Preserving it will also necessarily improve the air and water quality in our area.

I would like to plan a Council walkthrough of the Course before we meet.  It is vital that you all experience this place before making a final decision.

Thanks for "listening." I look forward to getting to know each of you in the coming months.


Lori Haus-Bulcock