Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cape Coral FL Former Golf Course Bald Eagle Nest Images

City of Cape Coral Bald Eagle Nest Locator Map Former Golf Course Property

The former Golf Club golf course property.  These 2 nests were known to be ACTIVE in 2015 and are now gone.  Someone has some 'Splainin' to do.

Cape Coral Florida Bald Eagle Nest on Century Link Palm Tree Blvd Tower Removed.

This nest was removed this summer, 2015 WITH a permit.  Huh???  How did that happen??? Why?

Tree holding bald eagle nest cut down on former Cape Coral golf course property

If you missed it on WINK last night, click on the link below.  Also, Please SHARE this link on your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ feeds.  Thank you.

Please HELP! Cape Coral golf course Bald Eagle Nest

I am trying to locate photos of the eagles nest that was located on the Cape Coral golf course property, formerly known as The Golf Club.

Please contact me immediately if you can help.

Thank you.