Thursday, April 26, 2007

Message from Councilman Berardi


I did see this letter and did meet with this group on Monday afternoon.
I will not support the zoning change.

This property is perfectly viable as a golf course. The owners of The
Golf Club simply are not marketing the property at a number that the
private sector is willing to pay.

An analogy for this land change would be that if I over-priced my home
and could find no buyer willing to pay my price then I should be able to
have it rezoned to commercial so that the market would meet my price.
That scenario is as illogical as the attempted rezoning of The Golf


Chris Berardi
Cape Coral City Council

Message from Mayor Feichthaler

Subject; Zoning Change


Thank you. Unless you and the residents support this change, I will not
give my support to this plan. They have indicated they plan to meet
with the neighborhood within 30 days, I will be there if that happens.

Eric P. Feichthaler
City of Cape Coral