Wednesday, May 31, 2017

URGENT CALL TO ACTION Attend P & Z meeting Wednesday June 7 at 9:00 AM

Call to action!!  We need you at the June 7 Planning and Zoning Commission hearing where the Future Land Use Map Amendment that requests to change the old golf course from Parks and Recreation to Single Family Residential is on the agenda. The meeting is at 9:00 am in City Council Chambers. They will likely make a recommendation to the City Council at this meeting and we want them to know how strong the opposition is to this change.

We urge you to arrive by 8:30 and bring your yard signs, signs from our rally this summer, or make your own. Signs are for outside only, so when you go in leave your signs in your car.  We will try to have some extra signs available. For signs please contact Alan Jones at 860-670-4862.   Wear your green Save Our Recreation t-shirts. If you don't have one wear any green shirt. For T Shirts contact Mary Neilson at 239-243-5989. The public can speak at the meeting. SOR representatives (including our attorney and land use expert) will be speaking and you can as well. Please, be respectful, factual and constructive with any signs you bring or comments you may make. We always want to be a positive and constructive voice in the process. Also, please tell your family, friends and neighbors about this and encourage them to attend. Try to bring two people with you.  Let’s have a great show of support!

We particularly encourage supporters from others parts of the Cape to attend and let the Commission know this is more than just a neighborhood issue. This is a chance to save a special property than can be enjoyed by the community for generations if the current land use is preserved. If you plan to speak, please let either Mary ( or 239-243-5989) or Barth ( or 920-621-6097) know as we are trying to coordinate as best we can so we cover different points and we want to be sure we have at least several speakers from outside the immediate neighborhood.

The notice letter the City sent out  to neighbors can be found on our website. This is the first step in the process. The most critical will be the City Council meeting where they vote on whether to transmit the proposed land use map amendment to the state. The current plan is for this hearing to be held at the August 7 City Council meeting. Please mark your calendar for that date!!  We need a huge turnout then. We will update you as we get closer to that hearing or if this timing changes.

Lastly, City Planning Department staff has recommended approval of the land use map change. This is very disappointing. We plan to refute some of their points at the June 7 hearing.

Planning Division Case Report Future Land Use Map Amendment

PDF Attached: LU16-0013_Staff_Report_Final.pdf

Notice to Surrounding Property Owners