Thursday, April 03, 2014

Buy golf course

News Press Letter to the editor- April 3, 2014

I remember Arnold Kempe, a visionary mayor years ago who knew that only growth should pay for growth. He saw that Cape Coral had two strikes against it. One being its size, the second largest city in square miles in Florida. The other, the Cape’s being poorly preplatted.

When a resident wanted to build on the perimeter of the city for privacy, the city was obligated to put in roads, utilities and the like. Not a recipe to help the city’s budget.

However, this city will max out. It has too many pluses, canals, weather, prices, etc.

Now, offer $5 million for the golf course property, a fair price considering the market value. If the owners won’t take it, walk away. Utilize eminent domain. If the offer is accepted, figure a way to get the money. You managed to pay $13 million and buy vacant land in the north. This property is, of course, now off the tax rolls. How did you find that $13 million?

A golf course may cost more to get it up and running, but will be cost effective in the near future. We owe it to the residents surrounding this valuable land to get what they paid for and improve the quality of life for our future citizens and businesses.

The zoning must never be altered. Parks and recreation is what it should remain. The only exception would be 2 or 3 acres for a hotel.

John and Dee Klockow, Cape Coral