Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Police crack down on trespassers at Cape Coral golf club.. Wink News Reporter Adam Wright

Letter to Council

Council Members, .I have written to the council many times about different topics. I have always received answers from some of you, and yet...nothing from others. My interest is in keeping the Old Golf Club as some kind of green space. Over the years, and of course different Councils, I have mentioned the many uses for that property. Included in those uses are theses suggestions: NEW FULL GOLF COURSE, not including the one in North Fort Myers, that Mr. Leon keeps inserting into the equation. CITY PARK, that could include: Public fishing (well stocked), Miniature Golf Course, 9 whole golf Course, Concert Shell, Walking paths, bike riding paths, Horseback riding, Picnic areas, row boats for the many small lakes, public tennis courts, pickle ball courts (very popular lately), special learning areas for Florida plantings, quiet study areas, barbeque areas, learn how to sail, Playgrounds for the children with benches for the parents. This could also provide new jobs under the Parks and Recreation canopy.

I understand the councils, and I mean the several different councils over the years that have had this property as a concern. Unfortunately it seems that the concern is: how can we make the most tax money, not what the people of this community want. At one time, it was planned to have 5 schools built there, another time, condominiums were planned. This last plan even had large charts made up to show us how positively wonderful this would be. The community hasn't thought that any of these ideas were wonderful. The community wants it to remain Green Space....period. What has happened to the CRA that said the entire neighborhood was blighted...where did that go? So many wrong decisions are being made with regard to this property.

Will someone please tell D.R. Horton were there is vacant/large properties that they could build their homes on. Most of these other properties don't even need a zoning change, they could probably start building right away on this other property.

Regarding the current owners: what bad stewards of their property. An individual owner would be fined for many of the offenses that Florida Gulf Ventures gets away with. I know there is supposed to be a mowing schedule, but please tell them that their property still looks bad. Now they have put up "NO TRESPASSING" signs all over the property.

My Grandson is an "A" Student at Island Coast High School. He chose that school because it had courses that could help him in his decision making process for his ultimate goal of becoming a Marine Biologist. Yesterday, he was gathering materials to help him with his project for his Hydo-Pontics class. Yes, he went onto the Golf Club Property to get some minnows for his project. Fortunately, he got the fish before the Cape Coral Police Officer made him leave the property. My grandson said "what will happen if I come back to get more fish"? The officer responded " you will be arrested"! I sincerely hope that the City of Cape Coral is not footing the bill for the City of Cape Coral Police to sit there all day to make sure the no one comes onto the property. The only thing blighted in this area is that property. It is a total disgrace, and Florida Gulf Venture (or whatever the name of the parent company is) is blight on Cape Coral. IT IS MY PERSONAL BELIEF that they bought this property to sell it.

So, since Florida Gulf Ventures (FGV) is having problems selling this property and
 since FGV is having a problem getting the zoning changed, they are going to take it out on 14 year olds that are preparing for college. Like I said before, they are poor stewards of their property. When they decided to sell, they demolished the club house so they wouldn't have to pay taxes on it, they went around the entire golf course property and literally cut out all of the sprinkler system, virtually making it impossible to reuse, and they, after all this destruction, left the property to over grow completely, which apparently became no concern whatsoever for e numerous City Councils involved.
It will totally be a betrayal of the people of Cape Coral, if you allow a zoning change. I don't know how to make it more apparent to you all that this property is valuable to Cape Coral residents not just the local property residents. Finally, will a Council just say NO to this owner.

With all of the projects going on around Cape Coral, why can't the council take this property into it's area of concern. Make that property something great for Cape Coral. Please Tell FGV no deal and tell D.R. Horton, no zoning change. The City of Cape Coral cuts all of the grass in the NE and NW sections of the Cape, which is far more than this little piece of property.

New York City has Central Park, St. Louis has Forrest Park, Fort Myers has Lakes Park, why can't we have something great, too. Naples recently remodeled and updated their Historic Golf Course, so did Fort Myers. Yeah, maybe these courses are privately owned (I don't know), but at least someone has history, beauty and the peoples need in mind. If this property is done right, it will be a benefit for the entire City not D.R. Horton (an outside builder) and FGV (an out of state and out of City, owner).
Please don't betray the people of Cape Coral Keep the Green Space, Don't allow houses to be built there and Don't allow a zoning change from Parks and Recreation.

Charles H Koller