Friday, August 21, 2015

Response from Michael Bogliole Candidate for District 2

Hi Mary my name is Michael Bogliole I'm running for city counsel dist 2 . I support the purchasing of the golf course as a Central Park for our residence. I believe the benefit far out ways the cost especially if it's going to be something that will be here forever. A park that you can build mountain biking trails, walk paths, a community garden, a sanctuary for the owls etc. it's extremely important that the city accomplish this because once it's gone it's gone. This would be a great tourist attraction.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cape Coral Florida Bald Eagle Nest Images

Response from Kirk LaGrasta Candidate for District 2

Hi I am Kirk LaGrasta I am running for district 2.  I wanted to respond and support
your efforts with the old Golf Course on Palm Tree Blvd.  The Golf course is a privately on owned entity and the City should send Cape Coral Code Enforcement to inspect the property.  If there are code violation the owner should receive a citation, if the owner does not respond to the violations and correct the issues then Code Enforcement should file suit and foreclose on property if they don’t comply.  The golf course should be
restored to its’ full potential by a private investor.  The residents bought on the Golf course for the value it brings to their property and they should get restored what they paid for when they purchased their property.

Kirk LaGrasta

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Response from Sam Fisher Candidate for District 7

I am in favor of preserving the majority, if not all of the property as the current land use with open space. Cape Coral is in a unique position to find itself having a vacant property of about 180 acres within the South East of the Cape. To lose that open space would be huge loss for future of our city.



Monday, August 17, 2015

Response from Tim Barrier Candidate for District 7

Thanks Mary for allowing me to weigh in on this very important subject. Bottom line: I'd like to see a golf course on this property. Now the question is how we accomplish that? I'm a Certified Public Accountant with active licenses in both North Carolina and Florida. I've worked in a business/corporate environment since 1977. I understand budgeting, cost projections and project analysis. For a developer to come in and restore the golf course it will have to be a profitable venture. With the selling price of the property set at 2 to 3 times it's current market value that will make profitability a difficult proposition. I believe it will take the City of Cape Coral, working with a willing developer and the citizens to make this happen. Remember, if the City Council approves building a park in this area they still have to pay the extravagant purchase price for the land and then it comes off the tax rolls costing more in lost ad valorem  tax revenue.

Tim Barrier
Candidate for Cape Coral City Council
District 7

Response from Jessica Cosden Candidate for District 7

Hi Mary,

The old golf course is the biggest green space in South Cape. That makes it attractive as a park or public use land, but it also makes it attractive to developers. That said, I'm opposed to developing the entire property into condos or shopping. I would love to see it either returned to use as a successful golf course (there is talk of the County taking over) or converting it into a park. 

However, I would support using the south-easternmost portion as part of the Bimini Basin development. I wish I could give you more details on the exact size and scope but that visioning process is still in progress. 

Please let me know if you would like more info.

Thank you for taking the time to do this!

Response from Richard Repasky Candidate for District 2

I support keeping the property a Golf Course, but I would require the owners to return the property to code condition.

Richard L. Repasky

Response from Chris Cammarota Candidate for District 3

I own and operate a Music business for 19 years in Cape Coral, and I remember doing Weddings at the Golf Course.  Years ago when property owners bought a home on the golf course I am sure the reason was because it was a golf course. My position is to keep it just that, a golf course.  How come in SWFL there are plenty of golf courses that make money, why can't Cape Coral?  It we turn in it into a Public Park, say goodbye to revenue.  I feel we should respect the wishes of the residents who actually live on the Golf course, they are the ones who will live with the noise and development, not me. The owners are asking 12 million for the property and it is worth about 6 million, and it needs a ton of infra-structure and improvements. We need leadership and smart marketing to bring in private enterprise and turn it back into the jewel it once was.     Regards, Chris Cammarota Candidate District 3

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Response from incumbant John Carioscia Candidate for District 2

As you know, 4 years ago you asked me the same question, when I was a candidate for District 2.
My answer then as it is now:
I would like to see it as a inner City Golf Course, possibly, complete with a mini convention center, comparable to the Palmetto Pines Country Club and whatever else we can squeeze into that area.
A park would be nice, but we must then accept that the residents would not receive any tax revenue and then there will be employees and maintenance costs for the park.
The land is privately owned and the owners want almost double the appraised value and the City does not have the funds, alone, to purchase it.
Yes, as you may know, we have been in dialogue with the County Commissioners, specifically Brian Hamman, and he has tried to champion some movement from the BOCC to assist the Cape, but with no success.
I will support the residents with my vote.
Thank you for asking,
Councilman John M. Carioscia Sr.
District 2
Let's keep the Cape moving forward!

Response from Marilyn Stout Candidate for District 3

Mary,  I am very open to suggestions.  I hated when the Country Club was torn down.  We have lived here 33 years so have seen much change.
I am not in favor of taking that (I heard) 180+ acres off the tax rolls...but I also don't like the blight that the homes in that area have to live with.  Property values have probably decreased greatly as compared with what was paid to build there.  I would like to see resolution before another 10 or even 5 years passes by.  I understand Coral Oaks is subsidized so another city subsidization seems impractical.  I understand the owners lost millions of dollars when it was a golf course so the city probably cannot make them restart a golf course....and they are probably taking a loss every year on their tax returns to offset their profit somewhere else.
I can envision a linear park like the Yarborough Linear Park in Ft Myers....with walking paths, lots of trees and shrubbery, park benches, fountains....and then with the rest...maybe 130 acres (if practical) with maybe a theater, small shops with condos overhead, restaurant, the Ft Myers Arcade area.  The street could be pavers, as well as the sidewalks.  It could be a lovely destination area and be a win-win for residents and the tax rolls. I hope these thoughts are taken as a positive and practical direction.  That area could be a fantastic place to live when someone no longer drives.  It just takes vision.
I have a good friend running for Ft Myers City Council....their tax situation is higher than it is here so I certainly don't envy them...except I do think they have a lovely lively downtown.  Thanks for asking...and again I want what is best for the residents of the area without waiting a  zillion years to get it.

City Council Candidates and the Former Golf Club Property

Good evening,

I sent the following message to the candidates running for city council.  District 2:  John Carioscia (incumbent), Michael Bogliole and Kirk LaGrasta  District 3:  Jerry Doviak, Marilyn Stout and Chris Cammarota  District 7:  Sam Fisher, Timothy Barrier and Jessica Cosden

I will post their responses as I receive them. 

"Dear candidates for council,

I reside at 3862 SE 7th Place, Cape Coral and have spearheaded the movement of over 400 Cape Coral property owners who advocate the preservation of the former golf course.
I would like to know your position on what should happen with the 175+ acres.

I intend to share your response on our website/blog at

Thank you for your time and commitment to our beautiful city.

Mary Neilson"

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bald Eagle Nest Image Cape Coral Florida

This tree with an active Bald Eagles nest was removed this summer from the property at the former Golf Club golf course in Cape Coral Florida.


Bald Eagle Nest Cape Coral Florida

Former Golf Club golf course

State probes eagle nest destruction Cape Coral Breeze

August 14, 2015
By MEGHAN McCOY (mmccoy@breezenewspapers.comCape Coral Daily Breeze

An investigation is under way off Palm Tree Boulevard in Cape Coral concerning the removal of a tree that allegedly had an active eagle nest.
Gary Morse with Florida Fish and Wildlife said an investigation into the report is ongoing. He said there is not much he can say other than they are trying to determine who cut the tree down and who is responsible for the action.
The owner of the site, an old golf course, said there was no wrongdoing on their part.
A statement released from Ryan Companies US, Inc. states "Ryan Companies is in full compliance with state and federal law with regards to the tree removal in Cape Coral. We are confident the investigation will show that Ryan has fulfilled all legal requirements and is in receipt of the appropriate permits."
A permit was issued for a communications tower located on the property, which also had an eagle nest, because it was a precarious situation, Morse said.
According to the permit, a migratory bird nest removal was issued March 30 with an expiration date of Dec. 31, 2015. The permit allowed CTI Towers Assets to remove and destroy an inactive bald eagle nest.
Located on the same property, a tree was removed, which some resident allege had an active nest.
"The nest was recently constructed," Morse said. "Eagles don't normally construct a nest this time of year."
Eagles typically construct a nest late fall through the winter and often times into the summer.
"We have never found an eagle nest being built this time of the years. So it is really unusual," he said. "When it is not traditional nesting season and nests are removed, generally eagles will not rebuild a test. Usually they will wait until traditional nesting season to do so."
- See more at:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cape Coral FL Former Golf Course Bald Eagle Nest Images

City of Cape Coral Bald Eagle Nest Locator Map Former Golf Course Property

The former Golf Club golf course property.  These 2 nests were known to be ACTIVE in 2015 and are now gone.  Someone has some 'Splainin' to do.

Cape Coral Florida Bald Eagle Nest on Century Link Palm Tree Blvd Tower Removed.

This nest was removed this summer, 2015 WITH a permit.  Huh???  How did that happen??? Why?

Tree holding bald eagle nest cut down on former Cape Coral golf course property

If you missed it on WINK last night, click on the link below.  Also, Please SHARE this link on your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ feeds.  Thank you.

Please HELP! Cape Coral golf course Bald Eagle Nest

I am trying to locate photos of the eagles nest that was located on the Cape Coral golf course property, formerly known as The Golf Club.

Please contact me immediately if you can help.

Thank you.