Monday, August 17, 2015

Response from Chris Cammarota Candidate for District 3

I own and operate a Music business for 19 years in Cape Coral, and I remember doing Weddings at the Golf Course.  Years ago when property owners bought a home on the golf course I am sure the reason was because it was a golf course. My position is to keep it just that, a golf course.  How come in SWFL there are plenty of golf courses that make money, why can't Cape Coral?  It we turn in it into a Public Park, say goodbye to revenue.  I feel we should respect the wishes of the residents who actually live on the Golf course, they are the ones who will live with the noise and development, not me. The owners are asking 12 million for the property and it is worth about 6 million, and it needs a ton of infra-structure and improvements. We need leadership and smart marketing to bring in private enterprise and turn it back into the jewel it once was.     Regards, Chris Cammarota Candidate District 3