Sunday, August 16, 2015

Response from incumbant John Carioscia Candidate for District 2

As you know, 4 years ago you asked me the same question, when I was a candidate for District 2.
My answer then as it is now:
I would like to see it as a inner City Golf Course, possibly, complete with a mini convention center, comparable to the Palmetto Pines Country Club and whatever else we can squeeze into that area.
A park would be nice, but we must then accept that the residents would not receive any tax revenue and then there will be employees and maintenance costs for the park.
The land is privately owned and the owners want almost double the appraised value and the City does not have the funds, alone, to purchase it.
Yes, as you may know, we have been in dialogue with the County Commissioners, specifically Brian Hamman, and he has tried to champion some movement from the BOCC to assist the Cape, but with no success.
I will support the residents with my vote.
Thank you for asking,
Councilman John M. Carioscia Sr.
District 2
Let's keep the Cape moving forward!