Sunday, August 16, 2015

Response from Marilyn Stout Candidate for District 3

Mary,  I am very open to suggestions.  I hated when the Country Club was torn down.  We have lived here 33 years so have seen much change.
I am not in favor of taking that (I heard) 180+ acres off the tax rolls...but I also don't like the blight that the homes in that area have to live with.  Property values have probably decreased greatly as compared with what was paid to build there.  I would like to see resolution before another 10 or even 5 years passes by.  I understand Coral Oaks is subsidized so another city subsidization seems impractical.  I understand the owners lost millions of dollars when it was a golf course so the city probably cannot make them restart a golf course....and they are probably taking a loss every year on their tax returns to offset their profit somewhere else.
I can envision a linear park like the Yarborough Linear Park in Ft Myers....with walking paths, lots of trees and shrubbery, park benches, fountains....and then with the rest...maybe 130 acres (if practical) with maybe a theater, small shops with condos overhead, restaurant, the Ft Myers Arcade area.  The street could be pavers, as well as the sidewalks.  It could be a lovely destination area and be a win-win for residents and the tax rolls. I hope these thoughts are taken as a positive and practical direction.  That area could be a fantastic place to live when someone no longer drives.  It just takes vision.
I have a good friend running for Ft Myers City Council....their tax situation is higher than it is here so I certainly don't envy them...except I do think they have a lovely lively downtown.  Thanks for asking...and again I want what is best for the residents of the area without waiting a  zillion years to get it.