Monday, August 17, 2015

Response from Tim Barrier Candidate for District 7

Thanks Mary for allowing me to weigh in on this very important subject. Bottom line: I'd like to see a golf course on this property. Now the question is how we accomplish that? I'm a Certified Public Accountant with active licenses in both North Carolina and Florida. I've worked in a business/corporate environment since 1977. I understand budgeting, cost projections and project analysis. For a developer to come in and restore the golf course it will have to be a profitable venture. With the selling price of the property set at 2 to 3 times it's current market value that will make profitability a difficult proposition. I believe it will take the City of Cape Coral, working with a willing developer and the citizens to make this happen. Remember, if the City Council approves building a park in this area they still have to pay the extravagant purchase price for the land and then it comes off the tax rolls costing more in lost ad valorem  tax revenue.

Tim Barrier
Candidate for Cape Coral City Council
District 7

Response from Jessica Cosden Candidate for District 7

Hi Mary,

The old golf course is the biggest green space in South Cape. That makes it attractive as a park or public use land, but it also makes it attractive to developers. That said, I'm opposed to developing the entire property into condos or shopping. I would love to see it either returned to use as a successful golf course (there is talk of the County taking over) or converting it into a park. 

However, I would support using the south-easternmost portion as part of the Bimini Basin development. I wish I could give you more details on the exact size and scope but that visioning process is still in progress. 

Please let me know if you would like more info.

Thank you for taking the time to do this!

Response from Richard Repasky Candidate for District 2

I support keeping the property a Golf Course, but I would require the owners to return the property to code condition.

Richard L. Repasky

Response from Chris Cammarota Candidate for District 3

I own and operate a Music business for 19 years in Cape Coral, and I remember doing Weddings at the Golf Course.  Years ago when property owners bought a home on the golf course I am sure the reason was because it was a golf course. My position is to keep it just that, a golf course.  How come in SWFL there are plenty of golf courses that make money, why can't Cape Coral?  It we turn in it into a Public Park, say goodbye to revenue.  I feel we should respect the wishes of the residents who actually live on the Golf course, they are the ones who will live with the noise and development, not me. The owners are asking 12 million for the property and it is worth about 6 million, and it needs a ton of infra-structure and improvements. We need leadership and smart marketing to bring in private enterprise and turn it back into the jewel it once was.     Regards, Chris Cammarota Candidate District 3