Monday, December 05, 2016

Update and Petition Download

There are two items we wanted to let everyone know about that can use action on your part. 

First, we are circulating a petition opposing the future land use map amendment that DR Horton filed to change it from Parks and Recreation to Single Family Residential.  Attached is the Petition and Add to Email Updates/Volunteer sheet.  We ask that at a minimum you sign it and return it.  However, even better would be to print it out and get it filled up with signatures from friends, neighbors or family.   Please hand deliver or mail the originals to, Mary Neilson c/o RE/MAX Realty Partners, 3501 Del Prado Blvd S., Cape Coral, FL  33904.  If you’d like to have the petition picked up, please call or email Mary at 239-243-5989 or Anne Carney at 708-363-5413  

Second, the City Council has for approval this Monday, December 5 at 4:30 pm in the Council Chambers at 1015 Cultural Park Blvd. the Master Parks Plan.  It would be good to have lots of people there to support the plan and to urge making the golf course part of the plan.  Our preference was for the plan to specifically address the golf course and that it should be kept as Parks and Rec and included in the planning process as the city moves forward.  Due to the status of the golf course being under contract the golf course was not something that was addressed specifically in the plan even though we know the city’s consultant thinks it is a great piece of property that fits well with the Parks and Recreation plan.  However, approving the plan as submitted is still good as it basically says the city needs to add lots more park land and that they should plan on purchasing large tracts to meet this need.  As such, we will have someone address our interest to have it specifically included in the Master Parks Plan before it is adopted, but reiterate our general support for the Master Parks Plan whether it is in or not.  Certainly, members of the public are welcome to speak as well in the Citizen’s Input session.  We urge anyone who speaks to do so both professionally and respectfully.  Our city leaders, whether we may agree with them on an issue or not, are doing their best to do what is right for our city.  Our voice can and will be heard, but doing so professionally and respectfully gives us the best chance to really be listened to.

Thank you,