Saturday, April 17, 2010

Golf Course Update

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am in continuing communication with the CRA staff, and was aware that
Councilman Leetz attended Thursday's CRA Budget workshop as a private
citizen to suggest that in negotiations with Florida Gulf Ventures (owners
of the golf course property), the CRA discuss the option of swapping the
Academic Village property for the golf course property. I am also
continually assured that the only use contemplated by the CRA for the golf
course property is what is in their approved Redevelopment Plan for the
property--a restored golf course and related clubhouse/banqueting/hotel

I called John Jacobsen after I received the e-mail raising the concern about
placing an aquatic center on the golf course property. John stated that no
conversation concerning any other use than what is in the Redevelopment Plan
has ever been considered by the CRA Board, and in order to change the
planned use, it would require an amendment to the Redevelopment Plan--a
process that requires public hearings before the CRA Board, P&Z and the City

And, as for the swap option, I understand that Florida Golf Ventures is only
seeking to sell their property. In their suit against the City for the
denial of a land use plan change, they are seeking money, not to get
permission to build on the property. Remember that like many property owners
in Cape Coral, they refinanced and are now badly underwater and would very
much like to have the taxpayers of Cape Coral bail them out of a bad highly
speculative real estate deal. As the litigation process proceeds I will keep
everyone informed through the blog, and in the interim, I will also report
on any movement relating to the CRA negotiations to purchase the golf course

Thank you,