Sunday, August 16, 2015

City Council Candidates and the Former Golf Club Property

Good evening,

I sent the following message to the candidates running for city council.  District 2:  John Carioscia (incumbent), Michael Bogliole and Kirk LaGrasta  District 3:  Jerry Doviak, Marilyn Stout and Chris Cammarota  District 7:  Sam Fisher, Timothy Barrier and Jessica Cosden

I will post their responses as I receive them. 

"Dear candidates for council,

I reside at 3862 SE 7th Place, Cape Coral and have spearheaded the movement of over 400 Cape Coral property owners who advocate the preservation of the former golf course.
I would like to know your position on what should happen with the 175+ acres.

I intend to share your response on our website/blog at

Thank you for your time and commitment to our beautiful city.

Mary Neilson"