Tuesday, March 25, 2014



Good evening!

Recently a volunteer stopped by my homestead at 4602 Country Club Blvd. (South end of the golf course) for a signature on a petition, unfortunately I was not home at the time, however an informational flyer was left at my house. If a signature is still required for saving the Golf course please let me know via email and I will sign it.

After visiting the website savethegolfclub.com it appeared I was not able to sign up for notifications as I am not affiliated with any of the servers (yahoo etc) if there is any way you can add my email address to the notification list I would appreciate it.

Incidentally, I also own the Hideaway Waterfront Resort at the intersection of SE 5th Ave. and Country Club Blvd. (formally the Fairway Motel back in the 70s as it was adjacent to the golf course). Even this last week we had several Guests that for many years going back to the 70s used to enjoy the use of the golf course and would like it to re-open. We are most likely one of a very few commercial properties near the golf course with a vested interest in its future.

Please accept my thanks in advance for your volunteer hours on this project as I have done this in the past with community groups and am aware of the hours in can entail. Please do not hesitate to call me directly if you need volunteer help (although it is quite busy until after Easter).


Mark & Linda Murnane