Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ryan Developments


I have attached a letter that was provided to Council as a notice of Ryan Developments intentions regarding the Golf Club Parcel. The letter states that they have entered into an agreement with a "Letter of Intent" from a National home builder, not yet identified.
It is with great sadness that I report that development. If it is accurate, typically, there would still remain a meticulous process of "due diligence" on behalf of the prospective buyer. I would hope that any prospective purchaser would understand that the property is designated "open space" in it's land use and would be willing to restore the historical and economical benefits that this property have yielded over the last 40 (plus) years. I remain hopeful that this City Council understands that this parcel and it's restoration as a Championship Golf Course along with a hotel and/or convention center is the single most fragile and important item in this City. There are no other parcels or areas of this City that should be given consideration above this property. As we both know, there are now and have been avenues to realize this goal, the Trust for Public Land being a very obvious one that has stood ready to make this happen for 6 years. If a buyer comes forward and is successful in purchasing this parcel, I am hopeful they understand the historical significance, the compatibility with our Comprehensive Plan, the economic benefits of the Golf Course as an engine for our CRA downtown district along with many other considerations as well. I would also hope that they see the passion of the residents of Cape Coral and the surrounding property owners that want nothing more than a restoration of this valuable asset to our community so that we may, once again, enjoy golf and perhaps tennis along with the many social events that defined the venue for so many years. I, of course, stand ready to do all that I can as a resident of this great City to insure that this parcel remains what the Founding Fathers envisioned. I remain hopeful that one day we will "tee it up" once again and welcome visitors to a resort type destination that will facilitate the revitalization of our Downtown area. Thanks to all that have been steadfast in their determination to restore and utilize this parcel in the way that it was built and in the way that it was intended in perpetuity, in my opinion.
Jim Burch
Concerned Citizen