Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A heartfelt thank you to all

Dear neighbors & friends,

Thanks to all of you able to attend the meeting yesterday. The statement we made was clear and respectful.

Please take a moment to email our council woman, Mrs Bertolini to thank her for hosting the town hall meeting. Also the mayor and council members. If you were able to watch the end of the meeting last night it was made very clear they are NOT in favor of changing the land use.

They also did not roll over (voting NO) to the developer seeking to build commercial amid residential (zoned AG) homeowners on Sand & Janis. They listened intently to the 7 or 8 residents who spoke and voted no to the zoning change. Imagine 400 of us taking our turn at the mike if that day ever arose.

The council should help the homeowners now by sending a clear message to the Siler group that across the country owners have to sell businesses when they can't afford them and take their losses.

Lastly, I encourage you all to be patient and wait it out, government seems to be on our side. Our city leaders need to understand we are willing to wait for Siler to reduce his price in order to find a buyer to keep the course. Our only request is to keep it fire safe & mowed.

Thank you all again.

Kindest Wishes,