Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thank you from Save Our Recreation

Hi All,

Thank you all for attending the meeting/rally on Thursday. It was nice to see support from so many residents from other areas of the Cape. In attendance were between 250 and 300 people including Mayor Eric Feichthaler, council members Dolores Bertolini and Tom Hair, candidates Eric Grill and Richard Kast, and a few other movers and shakers. Chris Berardi sent his apologies for his absence however, he reaffirmed his opposition to a land use change.

It is imperative that we continue our momentum and keep the pressure on the developers/investors who have applied to change the land use designation of the golf course property from parks and recreation to mixed use (commercial, retail, and multi-family). I am certain that we all agree that the best use of the property for all Cape Coral residents is a resort/hotel with amenities that includes an 18 hole golf course.

Save Our Recreation, Inc. received numerous donations at Thursday's meeting. Prior to the meeting, we raised $9,000 which has already been spent. We will need to raise at least another $15,000 then reassess as we go forward. Keep in mind these expenditures are strictly consulting, filing, CPA, and attorney fees. All funds go to SOR expenses, no salaries, etc... All board members are unpaid volunteers who work for the cause. I hope you will contribute whatever you can.

I have received numerous inquiries regarding fundraising events and activities. A committee will be formed, anyone interested in volunteering for the fundraising committee please contact me and I will put the volunteers in contact with one another.

If you would like to make a donation to support the save the golf course cause, please make your check payable to Save Our Recreation, Inc. and send to:

Save Our Recreation, Inc.
c/o Mary Neilson
3862 SE 7th Place
Cape Coral, Florida 33904

(Do Not Send Cash In the Mail)

Thank you all for your continued support, trust, and confidence in me and my commitment to SAVE THE GOLF COURSE.