Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Update

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting our efforts.  Here is the first of our weekly email updates we will be sending out.
·       We desperately need volunteers for the following:
o   Staffing our tables at events like Farmer’s markets, Sunset Celebration, Bike Night, etc. We have all the materials you need including the petitions. Contact Anne Carney at 
o   Planning and getting silent auction items for our March 11 Fundraiser at Fathom’s.  We are looking for individuals and business to donate items for the silent auction. Contact Mary Neilson at
o   Canvassing all the homes in the golf course area.  Again, we have the materials you need. Contact Anne Carney at 
·       Sign our petition if you haven’t.  If you have, get two more people to sign.  Anyone in the Cape, whether full-time or part-time, owner or renter, can sign.  Available online at
·       /Donations are needed to cover the cost of our consultants as they prepare for and participate in the hearing process.  Donate online at  Simply click on “click to donate.”
·       Contact council members, mayor and city manager.  The single email to reach all of them has been removed.  For Bcc: Their email addresses are below for your convenience.  If you know them or see them in person, please let them know how you feel.,,,,,,,,