Monday, June 25, 2007

Letter from Susan Gruber

Dear Mary,

I am a Cape Coral resident who lives on Palm Tree Blvd. When we
purchased our home in 1992 we paid a premium to live on the golf course.
When these owners purchased the course we ate dirt for over a year as
they slowly redid the course. I would just have the house cleaned and a
few hours later I could write my name on my dining room table. No one
complained that I know of. We have always paid higher property taxes
than the people who live directly across the street from our home.

It is unimaginable that people think retail stores, parks (with parking
lots)etc. would make a wonderful addition to anyone's back yard. How
would they like these things in their back yard. I certainly would not.
I have been selling real estate for going on 25 years and whatever
happened to a home owners right of peaceful enjoyment.

We paid a premium to buy our home, to keep our home (through higher
property taxes), to upgrade our home and now to save our home. Frankly,
there had better be some fantastic compensation for all of us who will
have our lives uprooted because of the greed of others. I for one will
not live near more condos, parking lots, parks, retail shopping centers,
schools, etc. I bought this home for peace and quiet. It is an older
neighborhood and that's the way I like it. I intend to exercise my
right to peaceful enjoyment even if I need to hire my own attorney!

Susan Gruber