Monday, May 16, 2016

Letter to City Leaders 'Do The Right Thing'

Dear Mayor Sawicki, Council Members and City Manager Szerlag,

How heartening to read national news stories about the Cape ranking 2nd best place for Baby Boomers to live and invest - after Mesa, AZ!  I was among the early wave of Boomers who purchased a condo, as did my sister, at Banyan Trace when the Golf Club was a jewel in the crown in the South Cape.  

We moved in - seasonally at first - and designed an active lifestyle that gained the attention of 2nd home buyers and investors.  And we continue to flourish as a desirable place to live in the South Cape.  With resident volunteers we organized ourselves with activities, such as water aerobics, poolside workouts, cycling, and a tennis league.  And we particularly loved the Golf Club's Club House with its energy, fine dining and wonderful sounds of music from family parties and wedding receptions that wafted across the golf course.  We had discovered Paradise. There was no place else like it in the entire Cape.

What an affront when the golf course was sold to Ryan Construction and the infrastructure torn out sending a strong message to any of us citizens questioning the future of our green space.  The historic Club House was leveled in the quiet of summer! Gone without a trace except for the memories of good times.

You have the opportunity of your lifetime to right this wrong in our community.  

With the recommendation of the Barth Associates findings to support you as you practice your due diligence, you are in the right place at the right time.  Your decision to save our green space will be a significant step in bolstering the Cape as we continue to transition into an active lifestyle community with the promise of outranking Mesa!  

No doubt you're aware of the groups that have sprung up with enthusiasts coming to the Cape for Late Night Bike Rides that meet at Clubhouse Square and the "Let's Night Walk" boardwalk outings at Four Mile Cove. We are becoming a happening place.  The golf course property needs to remain green for present and future generations.

Anne Carney, member 
Save Our Recreation, Inc.
4005 Palm Tree Blvd, 402
Cape Coral 33904