Sunday, November 13, 2016

D.H. Horton: Plans for old golf course site submitted By JIM LINETTE , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

November 10, 2016
By JIM LINETTE (jlinette@breezenewspapers.comCape Coral Daily Breeze

Following through on its intentions for the former Golf Club of Cape Coral property on Palm Tree Boulevard, D.R. Horton has formulated its plan and submitted a formal application with the city and is waiting for the hearings to be scheduled.
City staff confirmed the application for a land use amendment to the city's Comprehensive Plan and a planned development project being called The Palms was submitted to the Planning Division by D.R. Horton's consultants.

Comment by J Miehle, November 11, 2016
Pay close attention to setbacks and number of homes per acre and compare that to existing homes in the area. Pay close attention to traffic impacts for the area which already has traffic problems. That includes enforcement, congestion and maintenance of the roadway which now suffers. What will it do to bridge traffic. How many more public safety personnel will be needed for the additional residences. Should their be impact fees for that. They talk about DL Horton's South Point at the end of Cape Coral Pkwy. Go look and see if it blends in with the existing community. DL Horton is a production builder and wants to pack as many homes into a space as possible. I'm not being negative, just factual. We are growing, a fact I don't object to, it just needs to be done right. I grew up witnessing the mess in SOCAL, especially the I - 405.