Sunday, October 08, 2017

Golf course property positions. District 1 John Gunter and Graham Morris

John Gunter
Question one:  Will you vote "No" on the transmittal to the state of the future land-use map amendment for the golf course property that would change it from Parks and Recreation to Single-family Residential that would allow for the DR Horton development called The Palm's?
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to discuss my opinion on this matter. I would definitely vote "no" for this change, and I feel the golf course property should be utilized as a park. I did attend the Planning & Zoning hearing and you could see the passion that the surrounding neighbors, and the community at large, wanted to keep this as an open space, or a park area. Unfortunately, the city has ignored our citizens on this matter, like many others, and made their decision solely on what would benefit the city economically.

Question two: If you do not support the transmittal to the state of the future land-use change, what are your thoughts on what should happen with the golf course property?
My vision for this park area would be to ensure we have something to offer to all age groups of our community. I want to have a space where our community can go and everyone can enjoy. I personally would like to see an advisory board established for a small amount of time, and get community input on exactly what they would like to have there. We need to also ensure that this park would be a good neighbor for the surrounding community, and listen to their concerns.  Also we need to see if their are any state, or federal grants available to assist our city in making this park possible. Here is a list of what I see would be great for this area.
1. Walking/Running/Biking paths throughout the entire area (Promote exercising for all of our citizens).
2. Tennis Courts (re-locate and add additional  tennis courts from the Yacht Club area, which would free up space in a very congested area).
3. Activities such as basketball, volleyball, shuffle board, an open field area just to kick or throw a ball. (Establish a safe place for our youths, so they have a area to productively occupy their time). Not an area for organized sport clubs, just       an area for our kids to go and play.
4. Playground for the smaller children. (a place where a family can go to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment, and promote socialization with all the citizens of our community).
5. Varies senior activities, like pickle ball, and other sports and games for our seniors.
6. Sanctuary for our wildlife that we could utilize to relocate animals there that are disturbed as a result of the growing development in our city.
7. Clubhouse- a location that could be utilize for games for all citizens ( such as card games, chess club, etc.). Also this facility could be rented out to varies organization for meetings, town hall meeting, community meetings, that would help offset the operating expense of this building.
As a candidate for City Council I feel we have a morally, and ethical, responsible to listen to our citizens , and make sure their voice is heard and "strongly" considered, before making a determination on this, or any other matter. As a councilman, I would always have an open door policy and welcome any citizen who wanted to sit down and discuss an issue, and ensure the views and concerns of our citizens are always heard, and considered. Hopefully, the current City Council will hear our citizens loud and clear, and do the right thing on this matter. We need a councilman, or councilwoman, that is  "For the People", and that is why I am running for office.