Monday, June 27, 2005

Letter to Member Bertolini

Council Member Bertolini:

My husband and I purchased our (thought to be our last) home on the golf course in 2004 with the intention of spending the remainder of our lives in a quiet, well established neighborhood with wonderful views from our lanai. In the blink of an eye I our dream was crushed as we read the headlines of the News Press Thursday morning. Not only will we lose our right for the pursuit of a peaceful existence, the area will be losing a green space that can never be replaced. Our neighborhood is filled with mostly middle aged and retired citizens. I can't imagine why 5 schools in a community such as ours would even be considered due to the tremendous growth in the NW and NE quadrants. I realize that you were also left in the dark, but that should make you doubly determined to get to the bottom of these underhanded dealings. Please be a true representative for the good of our lovely neighborhood. Take a stand with the residents in your district and join us in our fight to save our community.

Here are just a few concerns & thoughts of over 50 homeowners I have spoken with in the last 3 days. I will try to keep it brief and to the point.

1) Traffic, congestion & noise.

2) Litter

3) Light pollution

4) Property values. Not only will values plummet but if residents are forced to move and buy a comparable home, their property taxes will increase as the purchase price of the new home will be assessed at the sale price.

5) Water runoff and flooding of homes and streets.

6) Environmental. Bald eagles, wood storks, tortoise, heron, fox, otter, ducks and other wildlife share their home with the golf course.

7) Trust in our local elected leaders.

8) The immediate dismissal of City Manager Stewart. Hired by the mayor and city council who were voted into office by the citizens.

9) The blatant underhanded hidden agenda of Superintendent Browder and his misuse of the $25,000. rule.

10) What does Frank D'Alessandro of The Florida Gulf Coast Group, LLC. have to gain.

11) Why weren't the homeowners offered the opportunity to buy golf course.

Please note this is only a small representation of their thoughts. I'm sure you will receive many more emails, calls & letters. Also understand that the homeowners are furious and willing and able to do everything in their power to stop the desecration of Cape Coral's historic landmark the 'Golf Club'.

Thank you for your time.

Mary Neilson