Monday, June 27, 2005

Letter to Mr. Browder and School Board Members

Dear Mr. Browder and School Board Members,

I am a 11-year resident of Cape Coral and my husband Rudy and I have owned our home on SE 5th Court for nearly ten (10) years. We have been good citizens of Cape Coral and good neighbors to the golf course owners. We are both clinical social workers - my husband works for Hope Hospice and I work for Southwest Florida Addictions Services. As social workers we are trained about the importance of relationships. In reality, life is about relationships.

For the record, I am vehemently opposed to the use of the golf course grounds as a school campus and I am not alone. I, and my neighbors, have many questions about the proposed purchase of The Golf Club by the School District. Some of these include:
  1. Why has this been such a secret? Because of the secrecy involved, it appears to many of us that there has been some underhanded behavior. What justification is there in the secrecy other than to squelch opposition?
  2. What other options have been explored? And what are the pros and cons of each?
  3. Please explain how disrupting an established neighborhood justifies the "pros" of this option. I expect that my home's value will plummet. Many of us fear that our homes will be taken via eminent domain to make access roads and space for the five schools and ancillary activities (i.e. sports fields, etc) involved.
  4. Let's be realistic, despite the "spin" about higher property values, I'd like some hard data to show that homes that surround golf courses converted to multiple school campuses increase in value. I truly wonder how many there have been.
We should be able to trust our elected officials. Frankly, I am disappointed in this entire situation and the way it has been handled by the School District and the City, which are both agents of the voters. The end should not justify the means; I hope that this justification is not being used. As good citizens and neighbors, we are entitled to answers to the above questions, a total explanation of this situation, and, hopefully, an opportunity to voice our opinions and concerns before this becomes a "done deal".


Mary Ann Elder
3660 SE 5th Court
Cape Coral, FL 33904