Monday, June 27, 2005



I must begin by stating I am one of the homeowners who would be affected if the sale of The Club to the Lee County School District is allowed to proceed.

I strongly urge the city council NOT to approve the zoning change that would be necessary for the schools to be built. All of the surrounding homes and condos have been sold because they are on a golf course. According to the article in Saturday's News Press, Mr. Bill Moore(heading school support) made the ridiculous statement of "If anyone doesn't like the idea of a school there, I'm sure they could sell it as soon as they put it on the market." Nothing could be further from the truth. With the outcome of this decision up in the air,nothing will sell in this area until the zoning is either changed or upheld as a recreational area. Mr. Moore's comments are similar to Marie Antoinette's "Let them eat cake"

In the same Saturday News-Press, Janet Watermeier, president of The Golf Club Group, was quoted as saying having schools adjacent to homes will increase property values. She also was credited with saying prospective buyers want to know "are schools good and are they close?" Since when does living close to a school in Lee County guarantee you will attend that school and that it is a "good" school???

Why did Mr. Browder choose to make this decision by himself ($24,999) instead of having full support of the Board? Mr. Browder was quoted as saying "I'm not willing to do something that will upset the positive relationship the district has with the city of Cape Coral and residents there." It is too late, he has already upset the citizens of Cape Coral. What is next? Do they intend to convert Eastwood, Fort Myers Country Club and even Coral Oaks into school complexes....then there would be only Private Golf Courses. What a Sad Day for Cape Coral and Lee County.

Linda Carpenter
Cape Coral