Tuesday, June 28, 2005

from Kellie and Peter Roch

Dear Mary,
Thank you for organizing this fight against the Golf Club sale. We are away for part of the summer, but want you to know you have our full support in this fight. We as everyone else who purchased a home in the area ,did so for the view, and the established neighborhood. I can't begin to think what this purchase will cost the residents of Cape Coral. Impact fees are already amongst the highest in the area, and will only increase when roads are needed.Higher taxes are a must because someone needs to compensate for the loss of revenue. This isn't just a problem for golf course residents, it is a problem for all residents of Cape Coral.

Our school situation in the SE is adequate for the residents of the area. If other areas were not bused in, we would not need to build schools in the SE. The NE and NW are the place to build schools.


Kellie and Peter Roch
SE 9th Ct.