Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Letter from Mayor Eric P. Feichthaler

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sauer
>Thank you for your comments. First, let me say that I am in favor of
>the course remaining a golf course. To answer a few of your questions
>and comments:
>1) This property is the cheapest per acre available in the city, which
>is why the school district is interested.
>2) You are correct that the course is single family residential. Based
>on this, a housing development could occur there, which many developers
>are interested in doing. However, the land use is parks and recreation,
>and I support kepping it that way.
>3) I believe the School District is trying to do their best for the
>City of Cape Coral. We are in desparate need of schools. Again,
>although this site has many advantages, the land should remain with a
>parks and recreation designation.
>Keep in mind, whoever decides to buy this course will want to maximize
>their profit, and may seek to rezone the entire property for homes and
>commercial development. Although I would not support this, I am but one
>vote. To the district's credit, they do intend to keep much of this
>land as parks, and would have a large buffer around the entire property.
>Again, thank you for your comments, and enjoy your Summer in Cape Coral.
>Eric P. Feichthaler
>City of Cape Coral
>(239) 574-0440