Tuesday, June 28, 2005

from Patrica Foote

Good Morning,

I am Patricia Foote and reside at 702 SE 36th Street. Even though my property does not abut the golf course, I am adamantly opposed to the proposed sale of the golf course properties to the Lee County Schools. I, too, purchased my home in this area after much research into potential road expansion, zoning and designated uses.

My suggestion for an inexpensive, readily available show of support for the defeat of the Lee School purchase is the display of green ribbons signifying support for "Save the Greens" keeping in mind the stringent codes involving that display. I plan to establish an appropriate method of display as the result the most recent debacle about the removal of the yellow ribbons for a returning soldier. I, believe, putting them on the front door would not violate the current codes, but the suggested placement can be discussed so we do not "muddy the waters," divert attention and dilute the support needed to defeat the purchase by the Lee County School Board.

The current proposal would require changes in zoning to accommodate the school project which has the potential to expand the downtown area up across the current golf course and into the neighborhoods. The rezoning and building of a large school campus would not enhance property values. This project is not a small neighborhood school, but a large county school facility generating noise, traffic, pollution and the destruction of environmentally-sensitive land.

Additionally, Mr. Stewart's actions in having a meeting with individuals representing the golf course owners and then alleging he knew not with whom he was meeting and thought they were representing the Lee County School Board is farfetched at best. Can Mr. Stewart be so naive to think that the citizens of this community would believe he did not know with whom he was meeting. Standard business practices dictate establishing the identify of an individual or group and their intent in asking for a meeting. Mr. Stewart is a seasoned professional from whom I would expect a code of behavior fitting his office. This was not demonstrated by a March meeting with this group, lack of notification of the council and what appears to be some in-depth discussions of his support for the project, as well as in-depth discussions of how the City of Cape Coral would entertain involvement in the project. The expectations and process would be the same even if the meeting had taken place with individuals directly representing the Lee County School Board. The alleged discussions would have triggered concerns of lack of notification and potential support by the City of the proposed project without community involvement.

I offer my support and wish to become involved in addressing this issue. I look forward to hearing from you.

Patricia Foote