Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Letter to Chairman Scricca

Dear Chairman Scricca:

Having received my Master's Degree in Business Education, I want you to know that I truly believe in education and recognize the need for new schools. This said, I think that destroying an existing golf course in an established, older neighborhood to build the schools is the wrong decision. I am a homeowner at Banyan Trace Condos.

I selected this area because of the golf course, and enjoy the fact that most of my neighbors are senior citizens or retirees.

Also, this area is not where the growth is happening. Most new family homes are being built in the Northeast and Northwest sections of Cape Coral. Wouldn't it make more sense and cost less to build on undeveloped land,

where you would not be disrupting the quality of life for the residents? Please put yourself in our position.

Thank you,

Dena Levy,
4009 Palm Tree Blvd.
Cape Coral, Fl 33904